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Nazeer Banarasi

1909 - 1996 | Banaras, India

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Pen Name : 'Nazeer'

Real Name : Nazeer Ahmad

Born : 25 Nov 1909 | Banaras, Uttar pradesh

Died : 23 Mar 1996 | Banaras, Uttar pradesh

añdherā māñgne aayā thā raushnī bhiik

ham apnā ghar na jalāte to aur kyā karte

andhera mangne aaya tha raushni ki bhik

hum apna ghar na jalate to aur kya karte

Nazir Banarasi is one of the popular names both in literary and popular circles. He was born on 25 Nov, 1909, in Banares. His father was a well-known practitioner of Unani medicine in Benares. Nazir also joined his father’s profession.

Nazir picked the material for his poetry from the conditions around him which made him acutely relevant to his readers. His poetry is thus a living record of contemporary scenario with respect to politics and society. He also wrote long poems on the prominent literary, social, and political personalities of his time. His publications include Gang-o-Jaman, Rashtra ki Amaanat Rashtra ke Hawaaley, Jawahar se Lal Tak, Ghulami se Aazaadi Tak, and Kitab-e-Ghazal.  

He died on 23 March, 1996 in Benares.

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