Qasri Kanpuri

1914 - 1996

Profile of Qasri Kanpuri

Pen Name : 'Qasri'

Real Name : Matloob Husain

Born : 16 Oct 1914 | Kanpur, Uttar pradesh

Died : 19 Jan 1996

Matloob Husain was born on 16 October 1916 in Kanpur. Having completed his high school in 1936, he joined the army. He was a brought up in a literary atmosphere which he inherited. He was the disciple of Natiq Lucknawi. He wrote under the pen name, Qasri. In 1950, he moved to Liaqatabad in Karachi. He died on 19 January 1996 in Karachi. Aabshaar-E-Zikr, Nisfun-Ne-Haar, Anaasir, Aabgeena-E-Ahsaas, Kaar-E-Junuun, Noor-E-Azal and Qasri Ke So Sher are the collections of his poetry.

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