Qurban Ali Salik Beg

1824 - 1880 | Delhi, India

Pen Name : 'Salik'

Real Name : Mirza Qurban Ali Beg

Born :Hyderabad, Telangana

Qurbaan Ali Saalik was the son of Nawab Mirza Imam Beg. He was born in Hyderabad but was a brought up in Delhi. Initially, he was under the literary guidance of Momin and selected Qurban as his pen name. After momin died, he became the disciple of Ghalib, and adopted a new pen name, Saalik. He had a good sense of humor and good looks too. After the revolution of 1857, he moved to Alwar where he used to work as an advocate and became associated with the education department of Hyderabad. He died there at the age of sixty or sixty five. His deewan was titled Wahanjar-E-Saalik.

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