Rasa Jalandhari

1894 - 1977

Real Name : Kabir Khan

Born : 06 Oct 1894 | Jalandhar, Punjab

Died : 04 Apr 1977 | Lahore, Punjab

ḳhush-nasībī meñ hai yahī ik aib

bad-nasīboñ ke ghar nahīñ aatī

KHush-nasibi mein hai yahi ek aib

bad-nasibon ke ghar nahin aati

Rasa Jalandhai is one of the well-known disciples of Safi Lucknowi. Even though he learnt his lessons in poetry from his master Safi, but he wrote a kind of poetry that was entirely different in tone, tenor, and thematic concerns. Drawing upon the social, cultural, and political contexts of his time, he developed an individual stance which distinguished him from others as a poet. 
He was born on 06 October, 1984 in a village called Ghazan in Jalandhar district and was named Kabir Khan. He lost his father while he was still too young. As a result, he had to shoulder the responsibilities of his family at an early age. He migrated to Pakistan after the Partition of India and lived in Lahore. He published his collection of poems entitled Fikr-e-Rasa. He passed away on 04 April, 1977 at Lahore.      

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