Umar Ansari's Photo'

Umar Ansari

1912 - 2005 | Lucknow, India

Pen Name : 'Umar'

Real Name : Mohammad Umar Ansari

Born : 23 Sep 1912 | Lucknow, India

Died : 18 Nov 2005

Muhammad Umar Ansari was born on 23 September 1912, in Lucknow. He completed his graduation from Lucknow University. He has written many short stories, dramas, critical essays and inshaiyas that have been appearing in reputed journals and magazines. He would write under the pen name of Umar. He has been the editor in chief of various newspapers and journals. He was the controller of production of Babul and composed the lyrics of Sohni and Maahiwal. He started poetry in 1930 and has explored every aspect of literature. Jaras-E-Kaarwaan, Baazgasht, Saaz-E-Bekhudi, Sanam Kada, Tarana-E-Naat Naqsh-E-Dwam and Kasheed-E-Jaan are the collections of his poetry. He has received a number of awards for his different books. In 1985, the U.P. Urdu Academy honored him with its highest award of Rs. 10,000. He died on 18 November 2005 in Lucknow.