Wahshat Raza Ali Kalkatvi's Photo'

Wahshat Raza Ali Kalkatvi

1881 - 1956 | Kolkata, India

Prominent later – classical poet from Bengal

Prominent later – classical poet from Bengal

His name was Raza Ali and ‘wahshat’ his pen name. He is also popularly known as wahshat Kalkatvi. He was born to Maulvi Shamshad Ali in November, 18, 1881 in Hooghly (Kolkata) where his father went from Delhi . He was schooled in Madrasa Aaliya, Calcutta, and was fond of poetry from an early age. In 1898, he became a poetry apprentice of Abul Qasim Mohammad Shams son of Abdul Ghafoor Khan Nasakh. After completing higher education, he worked in the Imperial Record Department, Calcutta as Chief Maulvi in Persian department. When Islamia College started in 1926, he became a professor in Urdu. In 1931, he was honored with the title of ‘Khan Bahadur’ by the British Government. After independence, he migrated to Pakisatan and settled in Chittagong where he died. In 1950, his collection ‘Taraana-e-Vahshat’ was published, which consist of ghazals, qataa, rubaii, Sehra, mukhammas, musaddas, nazm. Parvez Shahdi, the eminent progressive poet was his disciple.

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