Yusuf Zafar's Photo'

Yusuf Zafar

1914 - 1972 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Zafar'

Real Name : Muhammad Yusuf

Born : 01 Dec 1914 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Died : 07 Mar 1972 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Muhammad Yusuf was also known as Yusuf Zafar where Yusuf was his pen name. He was born on 1st December in 1914 in Murry of Gujranwala. He did his education from Rawalpindi and Lahore. In 1937, he came to Delhi on a job hunt where he happened to meet Josh Maleehabadi. Josh appointed him the manager of Kaleem that had been a journal of that time. In 1938, he started working as a clerk in the irrigation department. In 1942, he joined another journal, Humayun and the affair lasted by 1948 when he was appointed the manager of Habib Bank in Multan. After that, he worked as a research officer in the weather department of Pakistan. In 1949 he joined Radio Pakistan as a script writer and in 1950, he joined the railway department of Rawalpindi. Twice or thrice, he was appointed the secretary of Halqa-E-Arbaab-E-Zoq. He began his literary career by composing ghazals, but was attracted towards nazms. During that period, he was the manager of Kaleem, under the mentorship of Josh Maleehabadi. He passed away on 7 March 1972 in Rawalpindi. Zindaan, Zehr-E-Qand, Nawa-E-Saaz, Sada Ba Sehra, Ishq-E-Pechaan, and Harem-E-Watan are the collections of his works.