Zafar Hameedi's Photo'

Zafar Hameedi

1926 | Muzaffarpur, India

Pen Name : 'zafar'

Real Name : Zafrul Samad

Eminent Urdu poet Zafar Hameedi was born in Garhwal on 26th Aug 1926. Zafar, who later moved to muzaffarpur, a small city in Bihar was a medical practioner by profession. He showed an inclination towards poetry while he was at medical college. Five books on collection of poetry have been published so far names 'Raqs-e-Khyal' (1962) , 'Nava-e-tisha' (1967) , 'Reza-reza' (1976) , 'Mauj-e-Gubar' (1983), and Aa-hang-e-aafaq' in 1990.