amn mein hissa chhoD chuka hun

Aks samastipuri

amn mein hissa chhoD chuka hun

Aks samastipuri

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    amn meñ hissa chhoḌ chukā huuñ

    ek parinda chhoḌ chukā huuñ

    vaqt kisī kab hotā hai

    vaqt ronā chhoḌ chukā huuñ

    mere hisse aatā bhī kyā

    apnā hissa chhoḌ chukā huuñ

    ummīdoñ ke siine par ab

    sar ko rakhnā chhoḌ chukā huuñ

    tum cigarette baat karo ho

    maiñ to jiinā chhoḌ chukā huuñ

    tere husn pe la.anat hai

    terā ronā chhoḌ chukā huuñ

    amn mein hissa chhoD chuka hun

    ek parinda chhoD chuka hun

    waqt kisi ka kab hota hai

    waqt ka rona chhoD chuka hun

    mere hisse aata bhi kya

    apna hissa chhoD chuka hun

    ummidon ke sine par ab

    sar ko rakhna chhoD chuka hun

    tum cigarette ki baat karo ho

    main to jina chhoD chuka hun

    tere husn pe lanat hai ja

    tera rona chhoD chuka hun


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