har zahr ko tiryaq samajh kar pi lo

Sufi Tabassum

har zahr ko tiryaq samajh kar pi lo

Sufi Tabassum

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    har zahr ko tiryāk samajh kar lo

    talḳhī koī ubhre to laboñ ko lo

    har saañs meñ maut tilmilāne lag jaa.e

    jiinā hai agar yahī to be-shak lo

    har zahr ko tiryak samajh kar pi lo

    talKHi koi ubhre to labon ko si lo

    har sans mein maut tilmilane lag jae

    jina hai agar yahi to be-shak ji lo

    Source :
    • Book : (Sau Baar Chaman Mahka)Kulliyat-e- Sufi Tabassum (Pg. 305)
    • Author : Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum
    • Publication : Alhamd Publications, Lahore (2008)
    • Edition : 2008

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