Aashiq shayari

The figure of the lover in Urdu poetry is of archetypal nature. He has many faces and conducts himself as differently as are the lovers from each other. These verses would bring you some of the facets of the lover’s personality.

chal saath ki hasrat dil-e-marhūm se nikle

āshiq janāza hai zarā dhuum se nikle

chal sath ki hasrat dil-e-marhum se nikle

aashiq ka janaza hai zara dhum se nikle

Fidvi Lahori

anokhī vaz.a hai saare zamāne se nirāle haiñ

ye āshiq kaun bastī ke yā-rab rahne vaale haiñ

anokhi waza hai sare zamane se nirale hain

ye aashiq kaun si basti ke ya-rab rahne wale hain

Allama Iqbal