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now, at this moment


اب अब ab, prob. formed by analogy after jab, tab, c. q.v.

H اب अब ab, (prob. formed by analogy after jab, tab, &c. q.v.), adv. Now, presently, just now, now-a-days, a little while ago, recently.—ab-bhī, adv. Even now, yet, as yet, still.—ab-tab, adv. Now and then, presently, very shortly:—ab-tab karna, To put off continually, to delay; to evade, shuffle:—ab-tab hona, To be in a dying state, to be at the point of death.—ab-tak and ab-talak, adv. Up to the present time, till now; as yet, hitherto; all this time.—ab-taʼīṅ, ab-torī, ab-toṛī, ab-teṅ = ab-tak, q.v.—ab-se, adv. From this time, henceforth, henceforward, in future, hence:—ab-se dūr, Far be it from us! Heaven preserve us! Avaunt! (The phrase is generally used—especially by women—to deprecate the recurrence of a past misfortune).—ab-kā, adj. (f. -). Of the present; for the present; this, the present; the next, the following, the coming; new, fresh:—ab-ke, adv. This time, the next time:—ab-kībār, Idem.—ab-lag, ab-loṅ, ab-le, ab-leṅ, adv.=ab-tak, q.v.—ab-na-tab, adv. Neither now nor then; neither here (on earth) nor in the world to come; nowhere; never.—ab-hī, adv. Just now, this very moment, instantly, immediately; already.


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