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هو हू hū

H هو हू , s.m. Noise, report, rumour, &c. (i.q. hūhā, q.v.).

هو हो ho

H هو हो ho [Prk. होइअ; S. भूत्वा], conj. part. (of honā), Having been; being:—ho-ānā, v.n. For this and other compounds, see s.v. honā.

هو हो ho

H هو हो ho, pron. (dialec., Bhojpūrī)=وه wah, q.v.

هو हो ho, dialec. हौ hau

H هو हो ho, (dialec.) हौ hau [Prk. होह; S. भवथ 'you are,' and भवत 'be you'], (You) are; (you) may be;—be (you);—[Prk. होइ; S. भवति 'he is'], (he or it) may be;—(dialec.) is (i.q. hai):—ho to ho, 'It may be,' perhaps:—ho so ho, Happen what may or will:—ho na ho, 'It may be or it may not'; right or wrong; it must be so; necessarily; undoubtedly, assuredly.

هو huwa, vulg. hū

A هو huwa, vulg. , pron. He;—he is;—a name of the Deity:—hū ḥaq honā, v.n. To be destroyed:—hū-kā ʻālam, s.m. A desert plain, a howling wilderness (q.d. where no being but God exists):—huwa-huwa, or hū-ba-hu, adv. Just as it is, exactly, precisely (syn. bi-ʻaini-hi; joṅ-kā toṅ).


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