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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

رد کریں ڈاؤن لوڈ شعر


لفظوں کے معنی دیکھنے کے لیے سرچ باکس میں ٹائپ کیجیے

"aa.ii.n" کے معنی

ریختہ لغت



constitution/ law



constitution, law

विधान, क़ानून, नियम, कायदा परम्परा, रवाज, व्यवहार, चलन प्रणाली, पद्धति तरीक़ा, तर्ज ।






Eye, Exact, fountain, Real

आँख, नयन, छोटी नदी

پلیٹس لغت

آئين āʼīn

P آئين āʼīn [Pehl. dīn, Zend daêna, rt. = S. धी], s.m. Regulation, institute, statute, rules, law (as established by princes, in contradistinction to sharʻ or the law of Moḥammad), body of laws, code; enactment, edict, ordinance, canon, decree, rule; custom, manner:—āʼīn-dān, s.m. One skilled in law, (but commonly applied to) one who practises on the simplicity of his neighbours by his knowledge of law; pettifogger, rogue; āʼīn-ě-dīwānī, s.m. Civil law:—āʼīn-ě-faujdārī, s.m. Criminal law:—āʼīn-ě-māl, s.m. Revenue law.

ع ʻain called ʻain-ě-mǒhmala, or ʻain-ě-gair-manqūt̤a

ع ʻain (called ʻain-ě-mǒhmala, or ʻain-ě-gair-manqūt̤a), is the twenty-fourth letter of the Urdū alphabet (the eighteenth of the Arabic). This letter is peculiarly Arabic or Semitic, and occurs only in such Hindūstānī words as are borrowed from the Arabic, and in the secondary formations from these; or in the arabicized form of Persian words in which it has replaced an original alif (e.g. لعل laʻl, for لال lāl). It is a strong (but, to Europeans and most other people, unpronounceable) guttural, related in its nature to the hamza, and ; and is described as produced by a smart compression of the fauces and forcible emission of breath. By the common people of India it is sounded like alif. As a numeral it stands for 70.

آون आओं āʼoṅ

H آون आओं āʼoṅ, s.m.=آنو āṅʼo or āṅʼoṅ, q.v.

عون ʻaun

A عون ʻaun, s.m. Aid, help, assistance;—aider, helper; defender, protector, guard.

آن ān

H P آن ān [S. अयन, अयान; and cf. मान and आज्ञा; Prk. आणा or आना], s.f. Course, way, manner, mode (=andāz, ḍhang, t̤aur); natural disposition or temperament; habit, peculiarity; way or manner of a belle or a coquette, gracefulness, grace, elegance, charm, blandishment (=adā); affectation; bashfulness, modesty; conceit, pride; will, pleasure, wish; rank, dignity, respectability, reputation, character; proper spirit, self-respect; established rule or custom; vow, oath; promise; interdicted thing; objection, scruple; hindrance, prohibition:—ān-bān, s.f. Way, fashion; habit, peculiarity; grace, elegance, beauty; pride, conceit; spirit, proper pride, dignity:—ān-binān, s.m. Scrupulousness, niceness:—ān-toṛnā (-), To violate or infringe the established rule or custom (of), to break away (from); to violate an oath or a vow; to break a promise:—ān-mān, s.m. Respect, honour, consideration (=ādar):—ān-mān-se, adv. With consideration, respectfully, honourably:—ān mānnā (-), To recognize the rank or dignity (of), to acknowledge the superiority of; to confess oneself beaten or vanquished; to swear allegiance to.

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