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Alok Shrivastav

1971 | Noida, India

Young poet, popular in Mushairas

Young poet, popular in Mushairas

Real Name : Aalok Shrivastav

Born : 30 Dec 1971 | Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh

aa ga.e haiñ ḳhvāb to phir jā.eñge kahāñ

ā.ankhoñ se aage un koī rahguzar nahīñ

aa hi gae hain KHwab to phir jaenge kahan

aaankhon se aage un ki koi rahguzar nahin

His poetry collection, Aameen and story collection Aafreen are his most critically acclaimed literary works. His works have been translated in Russian and Japanese besides various Indian languages including Gujarati, Marathi and Punjabi. He has also edited several books by renowned Urdu poets.

His poetry has come alive through artists like the ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas, Talat Aziz, Kailash Kher, Richa Sharma, Malini Awasthi, Shubha Mudgal as well as the legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan. 

A recipient of the Dushyant Kumar Award by Sahitya Akademi (Madhya Pradesh),
he is also the youngest poet to receive the International Pushkin Award from
Russia. He was felicitated at the House of Commons at the British Parliament and
also received the renowned Firaq Gorakhpuri Award for poetry.

As a senior print and television journalist, he has worked with media houses like Aajtak, India TV and DD for nearly fifteen years


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