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Meena Naqvi

Meena Naqvi

Dr. Meena Naqvi is one of the most learned poets who showed the essence of her nature in different genres of poetry and presented her experiences and observations of life in a poetic form. Dr. Meena Naqvi's real name was Badr Munir Zahra. She was born on May 20, 1955 in Nigina.

She belonged to a distinguished scholarly family in Western UP. Among his elders, not only men but also women have always been active in the field of poetry. Ordinarily a therapist, she also had a significant involvement in literature. Urdu is his home language. Besides, he did his MA in English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

Dr. Meena Naqvi's nine poetry collections have come to the fore, including Saiban, Badban, Dard Patjhar Ka, Kirchiyan Dard Ki, and Manzil among others. She has been awarded for these works by the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy and Bihar Urdu Academy. Additionally, she has received awards from several literary organizations. Meena Naqvi wrote a lot in prose besides poetry. Fiction, essays and research articles and commentaries also came under the purview of her pen and received critical acclaim. Her works continued to be published in national and international magazines and journals. Meena Naqvi passed away on November 15, 2020 in Noida.

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