Inamullah Khan Yaqeen

Matba Muslim University, Aligarh
1930 | More Info

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Inamullah Khan Yaqeen

Inamullah Khan Yaqeen

Yaqeen was the son of Nawab Azharuddin Khan. He was under the apprenticeship of Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janan. His taste in poetry was extremely sacred. When he started writing poetry, ambiguity was prevalent in poetry. Ambiguous poetry was full of word jugglery and artistry but no warmth of emotion. Mirza Mazhar, and later Yaqiin too opposed this trend and led a poetic trend for a lucid style. The palace of Yaqeen’s poetic majesty rests on his simplicity and poetic dexterity. The portraits of delicate and subtle romantic emotions in his poetry are not fake but true and experiential and that is why his poetry touches us deeply.

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