Ada Jafarey

Ghalib Publishers, Lahore
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ادا جعفری اردو زبان کی معروف شاعرہ تھیں۔ زیر نظر مجموعہ میں تبصرہ کے حوالے سے فیض احمد فیض کا کہنا تھا" ادا کے لہجے میں اب ایسا تیقن اور ان کی آواز میں ایسی تمکنت ہے جو شاعر کو جہد اظہار میں اپنا مقام ہاتھ آ جانے کے بعد ہی نصیب ہوتی ہے۔ چنانچہ ادا جعفری نے درد کا جو شہر تخلیق کیا ہے ، اس کی دیواریں ان کی ذات تک محدود نہیں، قریب قریب عالم گیر ہیں اور اس درد میں حزن و یاس کا عنصر بہت کم ہے اور عزم و استقلال کا دخل کہیں زیادہ۔ "شہر درد"ادا بدایونی ،کا دوسرا شعری مجموعہ ہے ، یہ 1968 میں منظر عام پر آیا۔

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Ada Jafarey

Ada Jafarey

Aziz Jahan (1924-2015), who started composing verse at an early age with the pen name of Ada Badayuni, came to acquire the name of Ada Jafarey after her marriage to Nurul Hasan Jafri. She was born in a traditional household in Badayun where she received her early education and also passed the Matriculation examination as a private candidate. She got counselling on her poetry from Jafar Ali Khan and Akhtar Sheerani in whose journal called Rooman she published her first ghazal in 1954. Following partition, she migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi. 

Ada Jafarey is rightly claimed to be the first female voice of substance in modern Urdu poetry. Celebrated essentially for her ghazals written in a romanticist tradition, she expressed the female persona with remarkable confidence which later found its stronger manifestations in other women poets of Pakistan. Her collections of poetry include Main Saaz Dhooondhati Rahi, Shahr-e-Dard, Ghazalan Tum to Waqif Ho, Saaz-e-Sukhan Bahana Hai, Harf-e-Shanasaayi, and Mausam Mausam. Her Kulliyat that contains her complete poetical works also includes a new collection Safar Baqi Hai. She also edited Ghazal Numa, a collection of select Urdu ghazals with brief introductions to the poets since the very beginning to the present times. She also penned her autobiography known as Jo Rahi So Bekhabari Rahi. Ada Jafarey has been a recipient of prestigious awards from several important organisations some of which include the Hamdard Foundations of India and Pakistan, Pakistan Writers Guild, and Pakistan Academy of Letters. The Government of Pakistan awarded her the prestigious award of Pride of Performance.

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