veerane aabad gharon ke

Bilqis Zafirul Hasan

Educational Publishing House, Delhi
2008 | More Info

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Bilqis Zafirul Hasan

Bilqis Zafirul Hasan

Her real name is Bilquis Parveen. Before her marriage she used to write under the name Bilquis Bano Rehmani. She is a multli-faced literary personality. Beside poetry, short stories and plays, she writes stories and poems for children .She has two poetry collections to her credit: " Geela eendhan" and " Sholaon ke darmiyaan"  . Short story collection: " weerane aabad gharanon ke " and " maange ki aag " , a collecion af plays " Tamasha karae koi" and a collecton of children's stories "Dilchasp". She has recieved many awards on her writings from  diifferent Urdu Academies of India . Her plays have been staged in  many places in Delhi  and Hindi & English translations of her poetry are part of many parestigeous poetry anthologies. Her writings are mainly concerned with social and feminist issues.

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