Author : Amanat Lakhnavi

Publisher : Darul Ishaat Panjab, Lahore

Origin : Lahore (City), Other (District), Punjab (State), Pakistan (Country)

Language : Urdu

Pages : 64

Contributor : Urdu Arts College, Hyderabad

indr sabha

About The Author

Agha Hasan Amanat was an Urdu poet, writer and playwright of the nineteenth century. His family who were Iranian immigrants moved to Lucknow long back. Agha Hasan started writing verses at a tender age but he was known for writing drama. At the age of twenty he lost his speech but recovered it partially somehow later. He wrote hundreds of gazals and marsiahs in Persian and Urdu. 'Inder Sabha' the first stage play in the Urdu language is considered his best work and will always remain a masterpiece. He died in the year of 1858.

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