achchhe din kab aaenge

Mohammad Alvi

achchhe din kab aaenge

Mohammad Alvi

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    achchhe din kab ā.eñge

    kyā yuuñ mar jā.eñge

    apne-āp ko ḳhvāboñ se

    kab tak ham bahlā.eñge

    bamba.ī meñ Thahreñge kahāñ

    dillī meñ kyā khā.eñge

    khilte haiñ to khilne do

    phuul abhī murjhā.eñge

    kitnī achchhī laḌkī hai

    barsoñ bhuul na pā.eñge

    maut na aa.ī to 'alvī'

    chhuTTī meñ ghar jā.eñge

    achchhe din kab aaenge

    kya yun hi mar jaenge

    apne-ap ko KHwabon se

    kab tak hum bahlaenge

    bambai mein Thahrenge kahan

    dilli mein kya khaenge

    khilte hain to khilne do

    phul abhi murjhaenge

    kitni achchhi laDki hai

    barson bhul na paenge

    maut na aai to 'alwi'

    chhuTTi mein ghar jaenge

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    This video is playing from YouTube

    Mohammad Alvi

    Mohammad Alvi

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