gar kabhi fursat mile to

Habeeb Kaifi

gar kabhi fursat mile to

Habeeb Kaifi

MORE BYHabeeb Kaifi

    gar kabhī fursat mile to

    dekh lenā gul khile to

    kuchh samajh paayā na lekin

    shukr hai vo lab hile to

    dil baat na dil meñ rakhnā

    kah denā gar dil mile to

    kahlā.eñge aap masīhā

    merā koī zaḳhm sile to

    muntazir haiñ aap kisī ke

    chal diye qāfile to

    sadiyoñ tak chalte rahte haiñ

    chalne vaale silsile to

    vo na hogā jo huā hai

    gar kabhī ham phir mile to

    gar kabhi fursat mile to

    dekh lena gul khile to

    kuchh samajh paya na lekin

    shukr hai wo lab hile to

    dil ki baat na dil mein rakhna

    kah dena gar dil mile to

    kahlaenge aap masiha

    mera koi zaKHm sile to

    muntazir hain aap kisi ke

    chal diye hi qafile to

    sadiyon tak chalte rahte hain

    chalne wale silsile to

    wo na hoga jo hua hai

    gar kabhi hum phir mile to


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