jo hua jaisa hua achchha hua

Aazim Kohli

jo hua jaisa hua achchha hua

Aazim Kohli

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    jo huā jaisā huā achchhā huā

    jab jahāñ jo ho gayā achchhā huā

    dukh pe mere ro rahā thā jo bahut

    jaate jaate kah gayā achchhā huā

    baat thī parde parde meñ rahī

    Tal gayā ik hādsa achchhā huā

    merī bigḌī dāstāñ meñ dosto

    zikr un jab huā achchhā huā

    uThte uThte un nazreñ jhuk ga.iiñ

    tum pe 'āzim' tabsira achchhā huā

    jo hua jaisa hua achchha hua

    jab jahan jo ho gaya achchha hua

    dukh pe mere ro raha tha jo bahut

    jate jate kah gaya achchha hua

    baat thi parde ki parde mein rahi

    Tal gaya ek hadsa achchha hua

    meri bigDi dastan mein dosto

    zikr un ka jab hua achchha hua

    uThte uThte un ki nazren jhuk gain

    tum pe 'azim' tabsira achchha hua


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