rote hain jab bhi hum december mein

Inder Saraazi

rote hain jab bhi hum december mein

Inder Saraazi

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    rote haiñ jab bhī ham december meñ

    jam se jaate haiñ ġham december meñ

    jo hameñ bhuul gayā thā use

    yaad aa.e haiñ ham december meñ

    saare shikve-gile bhulā ke ab

    lauT aa ai sanam december meñ

    kis ġham khaa.e rahā hai tumheñ

    aañkh kyuuñ hai ye nam december meñ

    yaad aatā hai vo bichhaḌnā jab

    ḳhuub ro.e the ham december meñ

    vahī pal hai vahī hai shām-e-hazīñ

    aaj phir bichhḌe ham december meñ

    bas yahī ik tamannā hai 'indar'

    kaash mil jaa.eñ ham december meñ

    rote hain jab bhi hum december mein

    jam se jate hain gham december mein

    jo hamein bhul hi gaya tha use

    yaad aae hain hum december mein

    sare shikwe-gile bhula ke ab

    lauT aa ai sanam december mein

    kis ka gham khae ja raha hai tumhein

    aankh kyun hai ye nam december mein

    yaad aata hai wo bichhaDna jab

    KHub roe the hum december mein

    wahi pal hai wahi hai sham-e-hazin

    aaj phir bichhDe hum december mein

    bas yahi ek tamanna hai 'indar'

    kash mil jaen hum december mein


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