Well-known poet and critic known for his book 'Do Adabi School'

1916 -2004

A prominent member of Deputy Nazir Ahmad’s family, noted story writer and translator; also known well for her narrative Dilli Ki Chand Ajeeb Hastiyaan.

1905 -1990

Eminent contemporary Pakistani Urdu fiction writer, critic,editor & academician. Father of writer & translator Asif Farrukhi.

1923 -2016

A poet and Journalist. Famous especially for his humorous columns.

1904 -1955

Prominent scholar of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit

1866 -1955

One of the most prominent fiction writers of the non-traditional kind, well known for her stories 'Lihaf' and 'Tedhi Lakeer'.

1915 -1991

One of the most prominent modern poets. Was associated with Doordarshan

1928 -2012

A noted story writer and playwright from Pakistan; also a recipient of important awards of Pakistan.

1914 -1999

Prominent short story writer, known for writing fictional narratives of the traditional mores of Lucknowi life and times. Also wtote critical and autobiographical books.

1936 -2017

Prominent satirist and humorist, known for his individual prose style. He was associated with the Urdu department of Aligarh Muslim university.

1892 -1977

One of the renowned Urdu fiction writers. Known for writing some masterpieces like Thanda Gosht, Khol Do, Toba Tek Singh etc.

1912 -1955

Prominent Journalist, scholar and poet and Chief editor of a well known weekly 'Chattan' published from Lahore

1917 -1975

Pakistani poet famous for humorous poetry. Also wrote humorous columns in the newspapers and periodicals.

1914 -1999