Poets/Writers From Gwalior

Total: 31

One of the founding fathers of Urdu poetry, contemporary of Meer Taqi meer.

Progressive poet & lyricist. Father of noted lyricist Jawed Akhtar

Grand father of noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar.

Akhtar Nazmi

1930 - 1997

Faiyaz Gwaliari

1906 - 1980

Prominent figure in Indian politics after Independence, held constructive thoughts towards the establishment of a better society; published a collection of poems 'Jung na Hone Denge'

Dua Dabaivi

1901 - 1982

Rahmatullah khan

1930 - 2005

one of the more popular women poets

Shifa Gwaliari

1912 - 1968

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