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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Delhi

Total: 268

Dagh Dehlvi

1831 - 1905

Last of classical poets who celebrated life and love. Famous for his playfulness of words (idioms/ phrases).

Khwaja Meer Dard

1721 - 1785

Sufi poet, contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir, known for his deep knowledge of Indian music.

Meer Asar

1735 - 1795

Prominent contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir, younger brother of Mir Dard.

Meer Hasan

1717 - 1786

Considered to be the foremost poet of mathnawi.

The most prominent stylist of Urdu prose and author of "Aab-e-Hayaat". Himself a poet, he was a major force behind the movement for the new Nazm in Urdu.

Momin Khan Momin

1800 - 1852

Contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq. Also a physician, astrologer and chess player. Mirza Ghalib is said to have offered his complete Divan for his sher "Tum mere paas hote ho goya, Jab koi doosra nahin hota"

One of the most prominent classical Urdu poets who wrote extensively on Indian culture & festivals. Contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir. Famous for his poems on Holi, Diwali and Lord Krishna

One of the greatest 18th century poets. Contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir

Shah Naseer

1756 - 1838

Prominent 18th century Delhi poet

Taban Abdul Hai

1715 - 1749

Famous for his good looks apart from poetry. Died at a young age.

Aish Dehlvi

1779 - 1874

One of the most vocal critics of Ghalib's poetic style.

Ameer Qazalbash

1943 - 2003

Well-known and popular Urdu poet. Also a film lyricist, famous for his lyrics in films like Prem Rogand Ram Teri Ganga Maili.

Ashraf Ali Fughan

1725/6 - 1772

One of the prominent 18th Century poets / Contemporary to Mir Taqi Mir

Last Mughal Emperor and contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq.

Faez Dehlvi

1690 - 1738

One of the most prominent Urdu poets of pre-Mir era, who laid the foundation of Urdu poetry

Known as a rival to Mir Taqi Mir. His father killed him for unknown reasons.

Jameeluddin Aali

1925 - 2015

Famous for writing Dohas.

Lala Sri Ram

1875 - 1930

Prominent contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir who had deep involvement with Sufism. Died and buried at the shrine of Sheikh Saleem Chishte, Agra

Meer Soz

1721 - 1798

Prominent contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir, who migrated to Lucknow where Nawab Asifuddaula became his desciple. Known for his unique way of reciting poetry

Mir Amman

1748 - 1806

Notable author associated with the prestigious Fort William College, also laid the foundation of modern Urdu Prose

Chief Mufti of Delhi and a close friend to Mirza Ghalib who was imprisoned for anti-British activities with his entire property confiscated

Nida Fazli

1938 - 2016

One of the most prominent modern poets with wide popular appeal. Well-known film lyricist, prose writer. Famous for his ghazal 'Kabhi kisi ko mukammal Jahan nahin milta…'.

Rashidul Khairi

1868 - 1936

One of the earliest prose writers in Urdu whose works made way for fictional narratives; also known as a portrayer of pain and suffering.

Shuja Khaavar

1948 - 2012

Former IPS officer, who had quit service in the midst of his career.

Zaheer Dehlvi

1825 - 1911

A noteworthy poet of classical temper, nephew of Ghalib's wife, whom Ghalib had adopted as a son after the premature demise of all his seven children. Ghalib was one of the admirers of his poetry

Mughal emperor, who introduced Urdu poetry in the Red Fort and his court.

One of the prominent later classical Delhi poets. Desciple of Dagh Dehlavi.

Anwar Dehlvi

1847 - 1885

Prominent later classical poet and disciple of Zauq & Ghalib who had written many oft quoted shers.

Barq Dehlvi

1884 - 1936

A later descendant of Delhi’s poetry tradition, known for his play 'Krishna Avataar'

Makhmoor Dehlvi

1900 - 1956

Prominent Delhi poet known for his sher 'Mohabbat ke liye kuch khaas dil makhsus hote hain…'

Crown prince of the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam who migrated to Lucknow and then to Varanasi due to political turmoil at Delhi Court

One of the under siege Mughal princes born and brought up at Red Fort, Delhi. Disgusted with the royal life, he left the court and migrated first to Lucknow and then madras where he died.

Saail Dehlvi

1867 - 1945

Prominent later-classical poet who was related to Nawab of Loharu. His name was suggested by Mirza Ghalib. He was son-in-law of Dagh Dehlavi

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