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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Delhi

Total: 186

One of the founding fathers of Urdu poetry. Contemporary of Meer Taqi Meer

Ameer Khusrau

1253 - 1325

First Poet of Rekhta/Hindvi. Musician and Disciple of Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. Known for his "pahelis", which form part of Indian folklore. He is famous for inventing two most important musical instruments tabla & sitar. Wrote "Ze-hal-e-miskin…" one of the earliest prototypes of Urdu ghazal written in Persian & Hindvi.

Firaq Gorakhpuri

1896 - 1982

One of the most influential Pre-modern poets who paved the way for the modern Urdu ghazal. Known for his perceptive critical comments. Recipient of Gyanpeeth award.

Khwaja Meer Dard

1721 - 1785

Sufi poet, contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir, known for his deep knowledge of Indian music.

Mahatma Gandhi

1869 - 1948

Meer Asar

1735 - 1795

Prominent contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir, younger brother of Mir Dard.

Mirza Ghalib

1797 - 1869

Legendary Urdu poet occupying a place of pride in worldwide literature. One of the most quotable poets having couplets for almost all situations of life

Momin Khan Momin

1800 - 1852

Contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq. Also a physician, astrologer and chess player. Mirza Ghalib is said to have offered his complete Divan for his sher "Tum mere paas hote ho goya, Jab koi doosra nahin hota"

Taban Abdul Hai

1715 - 1749

Famous for his good looks apart from poetry. Died at a young age.

Aish Dehlvi

1779 - 1874

One of the most vocal critics of Ghalib's poetic style.

Ameeq Hanafi

1928 - 1988

One of the most prominent modern poets and also a critic. He had deep interest in Indian philosophy and music. He was also a broadcaster associated with All India Radio.

Amrita Pritam

1919 - 2005

Popular poetess-writer of Punjabi. Bharatiya Jnanpeeth Awardee.

Balraj Komal

1928 - 2013

One of the leading modern poets and short story writer, who made outstanding contribution to modern Urdu Nazm in India.

Bekhud Dehlvi

1863 - 1955

Disciple of Dagh Dehlvi.

Considered by some critics as the first Urdu novelist

Faez Dehlvi

1690 - 1738

One of the most prominent Urdu poets of pre-Mir era, who laid the foundation of Urdu poetry

Jawaharlal Nehru

1889 - 1964

Lala Sri Ram

1875 - 1930

One of the important progressive poet, famous for his ghazals in bollywood films like 'Baazaar' and 'Gaman'.

Religious scholar of Sufistic temperament who was assassinated due to religious reasons

Sahir Dehlavi

1863 - 1962

Pandit Amar Nath Sahir one of the most prominent poets of Kashmiri Pandit community in Delhi famous for combining Sufi and Vedantic mysticism in his poetry.

Waheed Akhtar

1935 - 1996

One of most outstanding modern poets and critics.

One of the founders of modern Urdu criticism.

Abul Kalam Azad

1888 - 1958

One of the front-rank leaders of Indian freedom movement and a well-known scholar.

One of the prominent later classical Delhi poets. Desciple of Dagh Dehlavi.

A leading Judge of the Allahabad High Court. Member of the 4th Lok Sabha

Anwar Dehlvi

1847 - 1885

Prominent later classical poet and disciple of Zauq & Ghalib who had written many oft quoted shers.

Arsh Malsiyani

1908 - 1979

Son of famous poet Josh Malsiyani.

Asrar jamayee

1937 - 2020

Prolific Urdu humour poet of classical mould with a perfect command on language and medium.

Aziz Warsi

1924 - 1989

Bismil Saeedi

1901 - 1976

Well-known poet of classical style / Disciple of Seemab Akbarabadi

Dileep Singh

1932 - 1996

Fikr Taunsvi

1918 - 1987

Hamida Salim

1922 - 2017

eminent Urdu writer and aunt to lyricist Javed Akhtar, first woman graduate of Aligarh Muslim University

Haneef Kaifi

1934 - 2021

Prominernt journalist and poet

Jahanara Begum

1614 - 1681

Kumar Pashi

1935 - 1992

Prominent modernist poet who also edited a literary Magazine 'Satoor'

Lal Chand Falak

1887 - 1967

Prominent among first generation of modernist poets, very close to Miraji

Mathematician, teacher of science in Delhi College and journalist

Mazhar Imam

1928 - 2012

One of the most prominent modern poets. Was associated with Doordarshan

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