Poets/Writers From Munger

Total: 23

Adeeb Sohail

1927 - 2017

Well-known poet and author to draw upon social issues, also edited an important journal 'Qaumi Zaban' published from Pakistan

Mazhar Imam

1928 - 2012

One of the most prominent modern poets. Was associated with Doordarshan

Akhtar Orenvi

1911 - 1977

Prominent critic, scholar, fiction writer and poet also known for his romantic poetry.

Arshad Kakvi

1930 - 1963

Contemporary short story writer and editor of literary journal 'Saalis'

Kalam Haidari

1930 - 1994

Noted progressive critic, story writer and journalist; also edited an important literary journal "Aahung".

Mubarak Mungeri

1914 - 1988

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