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jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Hyderabad

Total: 302

Dagh Dehlvi

1831 - 1905

Last of classical poets who celebrated life and love. Famous for his playfulness of words (idioms/ phrases).

Quli Qutub Shah

1566 - 1611

First Urdu poet to have compiled and published a Divan. King of Qutub Shahi dynasty of South India. Founder of Hyderabad city

Ameer Minai

1829 - 1900

Eminent Urdu Poet and contemporary of Dagh Dehlvi. Famous for penning ghazal "Sarakti jaye hai rukh se naqaab aahista aahista".

Fani Badayuni

1879 - 1941

One of the most prominent post-classical poets famous for his pessimistic view of life.

Jaleel Manikpuri

1866 - 1946

One of the most popular post-classical poets and disciple of Ameer Minai and succeeded Dagh as court poet of Hyderabad.

Mah Laqa Chanda

1768 - 1824

Great promoter & patron of poetry and arts at Hyderabad who became Prime Minister of the state in 1901

One of the important progressive poet, famous for his ghazals in bollywood films like 'Baazaar' and 'Gaman'.

Mujtaba Husain

1936 - 2020

Mujtaba Husain a prolific and critically acclaimed humourist in the field of Urdu literature. He was honored with the award of the much-coveted Padma Shri by the Government of India for his contributions to Urdu literature.

Rashidul Khairi

1868 - 1936

One of the earliest prose writers in Urdu whose works made way for fictional narratives; also known as a portrayer of pain and suffering.

Translator, Storyteller and poet, Known for his book Fasana-e-Azad

Shaz Tamkanat

1933 - 1985

A prominent poet from Hyderabad.

Wali Uzlat

1692 - 1775

One of the early tradition-builders of Urdu poetry

Zaheer Dehlvi

1825 - 1911

Prominent poet from Hyderabad, a contemporary of Josh who had ongoing contestations with him; known for his long poem 'Qaul-e-Faisal'

Aziz Hyderabadi

1873/74 - 1949

Aziz Qaisi

1931 - 1992

One of the most prominent progressive poets / known for his pungent intensity

A prominent poet of modern Urdu ghazal

Mughni Tabassum

1931 - 2012

Prominent critic / Edited the literary magazine, Sher-o-Hikmat

Prominent poet of New Ghazal trend

Naseer Turabi

1945 - 2021

Pakistani poet famous for the ghazal “Wo hamsafar tha magar…” in the famous Pakistani TV serial “Hamsafar”

Rauf Khalish

1941 - 2020

Safi Aurangabadi

1893 - 1954

Sayyada Jafar

1934 - 2016

Sulaiman Areeb

1922 - 1970

Well-Known for his literary magazine 'Sabaa' that helped establish modern literature.

Yousuf Sarmast

1936 - 2019

Ali Ahmad Jalili

1921 - 2005

Poet and critic, son of Jaleel Manikpuri

A poet known for his nauhas and poems on the Karbala

Azad Ansari

1871 - 1942

Well known poet and a prominent disciple of Maulana Hali

Bihari Lal Ramz

1825 - 1907

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