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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Agra

Total: 48

Meer Taqi Meer

1723 - 1810

One of the greatest Urdu poets. Known as Khuda-e-Sukhan (God of Poetry)

Mirza Ghalib

1797 - 1869

Legendary Urdu poet occupying a place of pride in worldwide literature. One of the most quotable poets having couplets for almost all situations of life

Religious scholar of Sufistic temperament who was assassinated due to religious reasons

Poet and literary journalist, edited prominent journals like 'Nasheman', 'Mashriq', and 'Nai Qadrein'; published several books of poetry and prose

Leading classical Urdu poet. Contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir.

Ejaz Siddiqi

1913 - 1978

Prominent Urdu poet who edited the literary Journal 'Shaair'. Son of Seemab Akbarabadi

Jahanara Begum

1614 - 1681

A great scholar of poetry and prose in Urdu and Persian. Retired university lecturer

Muneebur Rahman

1924 - 2022

Saba Akbarabadi

1908 - 1991

Saqib Lakhnavi

1869 - 1946

Prominent later –classical poet / known for his couplet - ‘Bade ghaur se sun raha tha zamana….

One of the most prominent pre-modern Urdu Poets, having hundreds of disciples.

Sheri Bhopali

1902 - 1991

an Indian spiritual guru and founder of Radha Soami

Motilal Nehru

1861 - 1931

Najm Aafandi

1893 - 1975

Rajendra Yadav

1929 - 2013

Shahid Siddiqui

1911 - 1962

Sudhir Narayan is a well-known ghazal singer of the Agra Gharana. He was trained by the late Ustad Shabbir Ahmed Khan.

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