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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Allahabad

Total: 38

Akbar Allahabadi

1846 - 1921

The greatest Urdu poet of humour and satire who was a Sessions judge at Allahabad.

Firaq Gorakhpuri

1896 - 1982

One of the most influential Pre-modern poets who paved the way for the modern Urdu ghazal. Known for his perceptive critical comments. Recipient of Gyanpeeth award.

A leading Judge of the Allahabad High Court. Member of the 4th Lok Sabha

Prominent Contemporary of Akbar Allahabadi known for his oft-quoted sher 'Aagah apni maut se koi bashar nahin…'

Raaz Allahabadi

1929 - 1996

Poet, fiction writer and one of the leading Urdu critics

One of the most prominent literary critics associated with Progressive Movement.

Abdul Hamid is a significant poet of the modern era and a renowned scholar. "Sabz Hawa Raushan Hai" is his published collection of poems.

Ajmal Ajmali

1932 - 1993

Well-known poet, author, and translator.

Hanson Rehani

1912 - 1976

One of the most popular poets who died young.

Critic, Sahitya Academy award winner.

One of the better-known postmodernist story writers.

Azam Karevi

1898 - 1955

One of the earliest fiction writers in Urdu, known for his stories of Indian life and living and drawing upon myths. Also known as a translator of early Hindi poetry in Urdu.

Balwant Singh

1920 - 1986

Noted progressive fiction writer.

Syed Rafeeq Hussain

1894/5 - 1946

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