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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Rampur

Total: 69

Nizam Rampuri

1819 - 1872

Prominent poet of Rampur style who was described by Mirza Ghalib as 'Mir of Rampur'.

Prominent poet from Hyderabad, a contemporary of Josh who had ongoing contestations with him; known for his long poem 'Qaul-e-Faisal'

Prominent poet of Rampur School/ Disciple of Mahshar Inayati

Ishrat Rahmani

1910 - 1992

Mahmood Rampuri

1865 - 1934

Mahshar Inayati

1909 - 1976

One of the most prominent poets representing Rampur style

One of the prominent leaders of indian freedom movement.

Rasheed Rampuri

1892 - 1964

Seen Sheen Alam

1950 - 2021

Tasneem Meenai

1910 - 1991


1903 - 1956

Popular short story writer and social activist; one of the contributors to "Angaare"

Saukat Ali Khan

1946 - 2021

Akbar Ali Khan

1939 - 1997

Poet and researcher, published several research works relating to Ghalib's Deewan and his letters

Asar Rampuri

1892 - 1963

Prominent disciple of Jalil Manikpuri and Arzoo Lucknowi; wrote Ghazals and Masnawi, also complied a Persain dictionary for young learners

Ashk Rampuri

1897 - 1950

Daur Afridi

1930 - 1992

One of the romantic poets; also published a collection of romantic poems called Roomaniyaat

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