aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Poets/Writers From Lahore

Total: 125

Allama Iqbal

1877 - 1938

One of the greatest Urdu Poets.National poet of Pakistan who penned 'Saare jahan se achaa hindustaan hamara', and 'Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri'.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz

1911 - 1984

One of the most celebrated and popular poets. Faced political repression for his revolutionary views.

The most prominent stylist of Urdu prose and author of "Aab-e-Hayaat". Himself a poet, he was a major force behind the movement for the new Nazm in Urdu.

Abdul Hamid Adam

1909 - 1981

Popular Poet with dominant romantic shades celebrating love and life.

Anees Nagi

1939 - 2010

Prominent Pakistani poet, fiction writer, and critic; wrote two important novels Zawaal, and Deewaar ke Peechhe; also wrote a history of Pakistani literature

Ehsan Danish

1914 - 1982

One of the most popular poets in the fourth and fifth decades of 20th century, contemporary of Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Habib Jalib

1928 - 1993

Popular poet from Pakistan, known for his anti-establishment poetry, having mass following.

Mohsin Naqvi

1947 - 1996

Popular pakistani poet who died Young.

Mukhtar Siddiqui

1919 - 1972

Nasir Kazmi

1925 - 1972

One of the founders of modern ghazal.Born at Ambala in India, he migrated to Pakistan and wrote extensively on the pain and sufferings of partition.

Qayyum Nazar

1914 - 1989

One of the renowned Urdu fiction writers. Known for writing some masterpieces like Thanda Gosht, Khol Do, Toba Tek Singh etc.

Waqar Azeem

1910 - 1976

Prominent poet and journalist, also the editor of 'Zamindaar', an important newspaper of his times. Also authored 'Zikr-e-Iqbal' and 'Muslim Sahaafat Hindustan Mein'

painter artist and intellectual from Pakistan

Most prominent playwright and poet who strengthened the tradition of play writing in Urdu language

Ahmad Rahi

1923 - 2002

Poet, lyricist, founding editor of literary magazine quarterly ''Svera''

Pakistani poet famous for TV Serials written by him.

Asar Sahbai

1901 - 1963

Well-known poet; wrote ghazals, nazms and rubais prortraying romantic feelings and acute social consciousness

A poet and Journalist. Famous especially for his humorous columns.

Ibadat Bareilvi

1920 - 1998

Jelani Kamran

1926 - 2003

One of the most prominent Pakistani scholars and cultural critics.

M. Aslam

1885 - 1983

MA Rahat

1941 - 2017

Urdu poet,critic and one of the pioneers of the progressive movement in Urdu literature. Close relation with Faiz Ahmad Faiz as their wives were sisters.

Musharraf Ahmad

1942 - 2003

Razia Butt

1924 - 2012

Saghar Siddiqui

1928 - 1974

Urdu and Punjabi poet

Saif Zulfi

1934 - 1991

Saifuddin Saif

1922 - 1993

Pakistani poet and lyricist.

Shorish kashmiri

1917 - 1975

Prominent Journalist, scholar and poet and Chief editor of a well known weekly 'Chattan' published from Lahore

Sufi Tabassum

1899 - 1978

One of the most prominent critics from Pakistan

Prominent playwright, known for his masterpiece 'Anakali'; also wrote humorous pieces, and stories for children, apart from creating the memorable character of 'Chacha Chakkhan'.

Zafar Ali Khan

1873 - 1956

Poet, Editor, Political activist and Freedom fighter

Zaheer Kashmiri

1919 - 1994

Agha Sohail

1933 - 2009

Ahmad Aqeel Rubi

1940 - 2014

Ahmad Deen

1866 - 1929

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