Nazm is the generic term for the non-ghazal poetry that came to Urdu under the influence of the English poetry during the second half of the 20th century, and soon established its independent presence. Nazms are written both in rhymed verse following a rhyming scheme as well as in the free-verse form. Now prose poetry has also got established in Urdu

Well-known poet and editor of literary journal 'Istefsaar'


Pakistani poet, journalist, and translator known for his book containing translations of Sindhi literature


A poet known for his poems on personalities, incidents, festivals, and topical issues. Also wrote a play called 'Hindustani Soorma'

One of the founders of modern Urdu criticism.

1911 -2002

One of the prominent poets of Pakistan known for his unique responses to modern-day social issues in his Ghazals and Nazms


A promising poet from Pakistan who committed suicide at the age of 27

1960 -1986

Prominent post-modern poet who went missing in 1996


Prominent among the new generation poets


Contempory Pakistani poet having a popular appeal.


Prominent poet from Mumbai, well-known to connoisseurs of serious poetry.

1950 -2020

Prominent Pakistani poet and translator; translated select works from world literature including Tagore’s Gitanjali

1927 -2010

Known for his songs and poems of deep social consciousness; also a translator of Punjabi poetry


A prominent literary figure from Bihar known for his poetry and other poetical compositions on a variety of subjects.


A major poet to emerge in the 60s; known for his poetry of higher consciousness and intense emotional nature


Well-known poet and prose writer


Prominent among modern poets, kwon for his poems of larger human concerns; published a collection 'Phataa Hua Badban'


A poet known for his social concerns, better known for his Nazms

Widely-reputed Pakistani poet, well-known to serious poetry lovers.


An important poet of Hamd and Naat


A contemporary poet from Pakistan, known for his poems of human sensitivities; popular in literary circles

Poet and critic, authored books on Urdu fiction; Urdu faculty in Delhi University


A well-known poet to draw upon Islamic thought

1928 -2009

One of the prominent women poets famous for the soft and lyrical tone of her poetry.

1924 -2015

Well-known poet and author to draw upon social issues, also edited an important journal 'Qaumi Zaban' published from Pakistan

1927 -2017