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Adnan Mohsin

1985 | Dera Gazi Khan, Pakistan

Born : 21 Jul 1985 | Dera Gazi Khan, Punjab

Born on July 21, 1985, Adnan Mohsin hails from Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan. The love of the historic Government College, University of Lahore drew you to Lahore and from here you got your higher education. In recognition of your literary and academic services, you have been awarded three Rules of Honor. He is currently teaching Urdu Literature at Dayal Singh College, Lahore.

The virtue of Adnan’s poetry is his cordial and intimate involvement with his writings. Whether it is an sensory affair within, or an event that came into his experience on the outside, he knows best how to cast each state into the mold of words. Besides Ghazal, he has also expressed his thoughts in the form of Naat, Nazm, and Qasida.

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