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Ambareen Haseeb ambar

1981 | Karachi, Pakistan

A very popular poet of Mushairas from Pakistan

A very popular poet of Mushairas from Pakistan

Born : 23 Jun 1981 | Karachi, Sindh

Relatives : Sahar Ansari (Father)

ham to sunte the ki mil jaate haiñ bichhḌe hue log

jo bichhḌā hai to kyā vaqt ne gardish nahīñ

hum to sunte the ki mil jate hain bichhDe hue log

tu jo bichhDa hai to kya waqt ne gardish nahin ki

Ambreen Haseeb Amber is one of those emerging poets, who enriched Urdu language with their new and innovative ideas and deep thoughts. Along with poetry, she has written a number of critical essays and literary features. She has also worked on social issues regarding our young generation. Her works are also published in newspapers as well. Her deep concerns and thoughts regarding present world gives her poetry a unique and delicate colour. She has done her Masters in Urdu literature from University of Karachi with first position and now doing P.HD in the same subject. Talking to her was a good and informative experience. The Nation asked since when did she start composing poetry; she told that informally she started to compose poetry at the age of 9. After, she kept on trying to mould words into the form of poetry. In 1991, after studying her poem, Mr. Raffat Siddiqui advised her to work on it seriously. He also asked her to get some guidance from her father as well. It is worthy of mention that her father didnt even know that she had such bent of mind. Formally she started writing after her marriage in 1995. When her husband found that she had an interest in writing, he supported her a lot and insisted her to take it seriously. On asking how she managed to work so delicately and efficiently after marriage, she told that actually the life force manages to find ways of its expression. She is absolutely right in saying that in our society, poetry is assumed a hobby of bachelor life but for me it is a serious and serene matter. To a question if she has inherited poetic skills, she said definitely, but it depends upon personal interest. She further told that all of them nourished in the environment of their home where well-known personalities used to visit, but she was the only one who composed poetry. Now it becomes crystal clear that one inherit poetic skills but the question is of utilising this skill in a creative manner. Answering a query related to materialistic world, she answered that it is difficult to compose rare poetry in such circumstances, adding that only that person can continue with it for which poetry is a question of life. She further elaborated that it was difficult to survive because the norms were changing now; metaphysics of our lives have completely changed and we continuously observe a decay and decadence of values our society. In fact it is difficult for a poet to inhale all these changes and keep his internal and external environments in harmony with each other, she added. On just being a poet, she told that people are fascinated by colours and become a painter but she is always attracted by words, because she thinks the essence of a personality is hidden in words. When she was asked about the metaphor of her poetry, she told that the relation of man with universe and God has always been the centre of consciousness, but in this age people are looking for new meanings. Being a female, she finds it difficult to ignore women issues, at the same time it must be remembered that it is not deliberate effort to emphasise these notions, rather, they come into her poetry as a spontaneous overflow of mind. Being a woman she can feel some experiences of life that men can never think of. Social issues are also part of my poetry, intentionally I try to write about the conscious efforts of understanding this universe and the effort of understanding our own relationship with the creator of this universe, I work upon social and psychological attitudes of people as well, she added. She further highlighted that for a poet there are many sources of inspiration. When she began with poetry in 91, the situation of Karachi city was very inspiring for her to say something. We can term the poetry as the middle of whatever a person thinks and experienced in life, and this experience is the biggest inspiration for any poet. Why this world is not like that is the question which gives pain to a poet and this pain remains there within him/herself, moreover, any event or happening around us can make us write for example the earth quake of 2005 automatically made me write something and my first poem, was published in any newspaper, was based on reflections about such terrible incident., she told. About idealising any one for her poetry, she told that she had never idealised any poet even her father. My father always had asked me to be on the peak in every field, and I think genuine talent lies in the personality of poet; it has nothing to do with imitating some one else. So I have read and enjoyed many poets but never tried to imitate any of them, she added. To a question, she said that there was a time when a poet was depicted as an insane person, who dressed up, elevated from the real world, talked absurdly, but time has proved this notion as false. Poets themselves denied this concept through their behaviour, they changed their own status. There was a time when being a poet was non-serious profession. Scholars like Dr.Peerzaa Qasim have proved that poets are rational and serious person and undoubtedly may revolutionise the world with their ignited mind and loving heart. Now in society, a poet enjoys respected status.

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