aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

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Ammar Iqbal

1986 | Lahore, Pakistan

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Born :Karachi, Sindh

LCCN :n2019210401

ek darvesh ko tirī ḳhātir

saarī bastī se ishq ho gayā hai

ek darwesh ko teri KHatir

sari basti se ishq ho gaya hai

Ammar Iqbal is one of those young and worthy poets who, after proving his mettle in composing Ghazals, turned to Nazms and was appreciated by serious readers in this field as well.

Ammar, a seeker of lost, bygone values, does not allow the rhetoric to taint his fresh expression. His poems bring out the aesthetical essence demanded by our civilization and culture. While his Ghazals attest to his artistic capabilities, his Nazms show for the craftsman he is.
With utmost meticulousness, he balances both the quantity and quality of his works, and brings out thought-arresting couplets which are well worthy of meditation.

Nowadays he is writing Pronnet which is a new genre of expression in Urdu poetry and is popular among new writers who are trying to find new ways of expression by creating new features of prose poetry.

Ammar Iqbal was born in 1986 in Karachi and currently resides in Lahore. In 2015, his first collection of poems, titled ‘Parindagai’, was published, receiving wide acclaim. His second collection of poetry was published under the name of "Manjh Roop" which was appreciated in literary circles. He has published ten books on important genres such as philosophy, fiction and poetry in Urdu, English and Hindi from London, India and Pakistan. He has also been associated with Department of Teaching and Radio Broadcasting.
His works include:
Parindagi (Ghazals, Nazms), Manjh Roop (Nazms), Pronnet (Prose-Sonnets), Manjh Roopiyat (Translation: Kafka), Ajnabi (Translation: Camus)
Baizavi Aurat (translation: Leonora Carrington), Diwanon Ki Dairiyan (translations: Maupassant, Gogol, Liu Shan), Margistan (translation: Albert Camus), Good Morning

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