Arsh Siddiqui's Photo'

Arsh Siddiqui

1927 - 1997 | Multan, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'arsh'

Real Name : Irshad-ur-rahman

Born : 21 Jan 1927 | Gurdaspur, Punjab

Died : 08 Apr 1997

Creativity knows no hurdle and Irshad-ur-Rehman, known by his pen name, Arsh Siddiqui, explored all major realms of literature. Besides being a poet, he was also a critic and short story writer. He was born on 21 Jan 192.. , in Gurdaspur of West Punjab. He did his M.A in English from the prestigious Government College of Lahore and pursued his Ph.D. from World University Arizona of America. He worked as professor at the Department of English of Government College, Multan, as chairman of English department of Bahauddin Zakaria University, Multan and rose to the post of registrar in the same university. He died on 18 April 199.. in Multaan. Deeda-E-Yaqoob, Muhabbat Lafz Tha Mera Har Mauj Hawa Tez, (poetry)  Baahar Kafan Se Paon ( short stories) Takween Muhakimaat and Sciency Shaoor (criticism) are the titles of his collections. He got the Aadam jee award for Bahar Kafan Se Paon.

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