INDEX OF Authors

Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Popular short story writer, novelist and playwright, known for his romantic style of rendition

1928 -2011 Lahore

Well-known poet and editor of literary journal 'Istefsaar'

1978 Jaipur

Pakistani poet, journalist, and translator known for his book containing translations of Sindhi literature

1928 Karachi

A poet known for his poems on personalities, incidents, festivals, and topical issues. Also wrote a play called 'Hindustani Soorma'

Noted fiction writer and playwright from Pakistan.

One of the founders of modern Urdu criticism.

1911 -2002 Aligarh

Prominent poet who mastered the poetic idiom of Lucknow poetry.

1896 -1978 Karachi

One of the prominent poets of Pakistan known for his unique responses to modern-day social issues in his Ghazals and Nazms

1977 Pakistan

Prominent among the poets of Kashmir, published two collections, 'Raaste Manzilein' and 'Patta Patta'

Prominent post-modern poet who went missing in 1996

1956 Aligarh

A poet to draw upon traditional poetics, published several poetry collections

A prominent poet and scholar of Lucknow, a disciple of Dagh and Natiq Gulawathhi, known for his annotations of Ghalib and Hafiz, and editing the works of the earliest women poets of Urdu

1893 -1946 Lucknow

A poet of humour; published a collection of poems 'Andaaz-e-Bayaan'

1972 Saharanpur

Poet and writer, known for his critical work on childrens’ literature

1962 Kolkata

A poet and journalist from Haryana; also the editor of a newspaper called 'Paigham'

Contempory Pakistani poet having a popular appeal.

1961 Lahore

Prominent poet from Mumbai, well-known to connoisseurs of serious poetry.

1950 Mumbai

Prominent Pakistani poet and translator; translated select works from world literature including Tagore’s Gitanjali

1927 -2010 Pakistan

Prominent poet of classical mould from Nengal, known for his 'Tazkira 'Sukhan-e-Shoara'.

1833 -1889 West Bengal

Known for his poems written in the praise of God and the prophet

A disciple of Jigar Moradabadi, known for his poetry of classical tenor

1911 Pilibhit

Known for his religious and reformative poetry, a disciple of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanavi

A prominent scholar, author, translator, and novelist of twentieth century. Had a keen eye on the socio-cultural life of Lucknow.

1860 -1926 Lucknow

Popular Poet with dominant romantic shades celebrating love and life.

1910 -1981 Pakistan

Known for his songs and poems of deep social consciousness; also a translator of Punjabi poetry

One of the poets to emerge from Bihar in the 80s


Prominent poet and journalist, also the editor of 'Zamindaar', an important newspaper of his times. Also authored 'Zikr-e-Iqbal' and 'Muslim Sahaafat Hindustan Mein'

1894 -1959 Lahore