Arshad Kakvi's Photo'

Arshad Kakvi

1930 - 1963 | Patna, India

Pen Name : 'arshad'

Real Name : Sayed Shah Rasheed-ur-rahman

Died : 18 Feb 1963

We find many journalists of Urdu literature. However, their claim to be a majority is seriously challenged by poets who belong to the field of academics. Syed Shah Rasheed-ur-Rehman, who wrote under the pen name, Arshad, was a lecturer of Urdu at the Victoria College, Kamla and rose to be a professor at the University of Dhaka.  He was born in 1930, in Kaaku of district Gaya of Bihar. He did his graduation from Patna University with flying colors and got a silver medal. In 1951, he finished his M.A in Urdu from Dhaka University and received a silver medal once again. By now he had entered the world of literature and his various poems and articles were being continuously published in different magazines and journals. He died on 18 February 19..3 in Patna.