Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Prominent poet of classical mould from Nengal, known for his 'Tazkira 'Sukhan-e-Shoara'.

Prominent critic and poet, authored a number of books

Well-known critic, poet, and Urdu faculty at Jamia Millia Islamia, known for his critical book on MeerTaqi Meer

Well-known poet, author, and translator.

Well-known literary figure, poet and critic; also authored books on philosophy and religion

Known for his emotional intensity tinged with irony

Poet and prose writer, known for his Qitas and long poems

Poet and critic, son of Jaleel Manikpuri

Well-known poet and critic known for his book 'Do Adabi School'

One of the most celebrated progressive poets, literary critic, public intellectual and editor.Contemporary of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Recipient of Gyanpeeth Award. Produced documentaries on Urdu poetry.

One of the founders of Urdu criticism. Outstanding pre-modern poet. Famous for writing Yaadgar-e-ghalib the first biography of Mirza Ghalib.

One of the most prominent modern poets and also a critic. He had deep interest in Indian philosophy and music. He was also a broadcaster associated with All India Radio.

Known for his popular ghazal 'Der lagi aane mein lekin…' sung by various singers

Pakistani poet and author; published his collection of love poems Lab-o-Rukhsaar; authored a critical book Shairi ki Zabaan

Prominent Pakistani critic, researcher and columnist; an author of many books apart from 'Urdu Adab ki Tehreekein' and 'Urdu Afsaane Mein Dehaat ki Peshkash'; also assisted in editing several literary journals and newspapers

Prominent among the later poets of Lucknow School, known for his individual signature. Also served as Additional Commissioner, Education Minister, Home Minister, and officiating Prime Minster in the Government of Kashmir.

Prominent modern ghazal poet, worked as professor of Englis

Important poet and prose writer from Bihar, also wrote critical essays and humorous pieces

One of the leading modern poets and short story writer, who made outstanding contribution to modern Urdu Nazm in India.

Leading early 20th century poet. Famous for his Nazm on Ramayan. Wrote oft-quoted sher 'Zindagi kya hai anasir men zahur-e-tartib…'.

Prominent scholar of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit

Prominent modern critic from Mumbai

One of the most prominent scholars, linguists and critics in the subcontinent.Honoured with Padma Shri in 2002

A renowned scholar, poet, linguist and author. He dedicated his life to learning and education. An expert in the art of chronograms

Known for setting hyper-modernist trend in Pakistani Urdu criticism called 'Lisani Tashkilat'

Famous for his trend setting book on criticism, 'Kaashif-ul-Haqaaiq'.

One of the most prominent Pakistani scholars and cultural critics.

One of the most prominent poets in the undivided Punjab.Honoured with Padma Shri in 1971

Won Sahitya Academy Translation Prize for the year 2004

One of the founding fathers of modern Urdu criticism in the subcontinient.

Mazhar Imam

1928 -2012 Delhi

One of the most prominent modern poets. Was associated with Doordarshan


1912 -1949 Mumbai

One of the founding fathers of modern Urdu nazm. Known for his mystical association with Indian metaphysical tradition. Died young.

Urdu poet,critic and one of the pioneers of the progressive movement in Urdu literature. Close relation with Faiz Ahmad Faiz as their wives were sisters.

Prominent critic / Edited the literary magazine, Sher-o-Hikmat