Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Poet and lyricist. Famous for his nazm "baat niklegi to phir door talak jayegi" sung by Jagjit Singh.

1940 Mumbai

Popular poet and lyricist famous for his lyrics in film Paakeeza.

1917 -1991 Bhopal

One of prominent progressive poets with popular appeal. Also film lyricist famous for his lyrics in films like Heer Ranjha, Kaghaz ke Phool etc.

1918 -2002 Mumbai

Well-known poet / Father of prominent post-modern poet Shariq Kaifi

1932 Bareilly

Noted progressive critic, story writer and journalist; also edited an important literary journal "Aahung".

1930 -1994 Patna

Prominent contemporary Indian poet of classical tone.

1924 -2015 Patna

Prominent Scholar/ Known for compiling the Diwan-e-Ghalib according to chronological order

1925 -2001 Mumbai

Popular humorist and satirist; known for his linguistic finesse and representations of social inequalities.

1910 -1980 Moga