Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

European poet of the classical period whose father adopted the Indian way of life. Published a divan containing ghazls and poems in other poetical genres

Leading early 20th century poet. Famous for his Nazm on Ramayan. Wrote oft-quoted sher 'Zindagi kya hai anasir men zahur-e-tartib…'.

1882 -1926 Lucknow

Poet, lyricist and radio broadcaster; wrote poetry in Urdu and Punjabi. His lyrics were sung by celebrated singers like Asha Bhonsle and Jagjit Singh

1934 -2019 London

Well-known for his poems on interesting topics; also wrote patriotic poems. Taught Persian for a long period of time

1878/79 -1941 Delhi

A poet of traditional style, popular in Mushairas

1923 -1995 Lahore

One of the prominent modern poets

Famous for his nazms and ghazals of romantic nature; influenced by Akhtar Sheerani

Prominent scholar and literary critic who writes both in Urdu and English living in U.S.A

1936 USA

A poet and Journalist. Famous especially for his humorous columns.

1904 -1955 Lahore

One of the important poets of humour to emerge during the 60s

One of the most prominent writers of humour and satire in pakistan.

1910 -1999 Lahore