Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

A disciple of Seemab Akbarabadi, published several collections of his ghazals and nazms

1927 Meerut

One of the well-known poets of Tamil Nadu

Poet, writer and translator from Maharashtra, also translated Marathi poems into Urdu

1938 -1990 Ratnagiri

Last Mughal Emperor and contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq.

1775 -1862 Delhi

Parsi religious scholar who deeply absorbed Urdu literary traditions and wrote poetry in Urdu and Persian

Noted story writer, a recipient of Sahitya Akademi award.

1948 Hyderabad

A people’s poet with progressive leanings, also served as the president of Progressive Writers Association of UK

1934 -2002 London

One of the better-known poets of Bhopal, was influenced by Progressive Writers Movement

1922 -1984 Bhopal
1980 Jaipur

A poet-mentor, favourite disciple of Mirza Ghalib

1820 -1890 Delhi

One of the leading modern poets and short story writer, who made outstanding contribution to modern Urdu Nazm in India.

1928 -2013 Delhi

Most prominent modernist fiction writer, celebrated for his symbolic stories; also the compiler of journal 'Shuoor'.

1935 -2016 Delhi

Noted progressive fiction writer.

1921 -1986 Allahabad

Wrote interesting poems for children, published a collection called ‘Gul Bute’

Prominent Pakistani short story writer, novelist and playwright, well-known for his novel 'Raja Gidh'.

1928 -2017 Lahore

Prominent classical poet of South India

1745 -1805 India

Radical Urdu critic who wrote unconventional poetry.

1927 -2006 Mumbai

Prominent poet, story writer, and translator, wrote books on issues in science and translated several books from other literature of the world

1936 -2019 London

One of the most prominent modern poets of Pakistan

1905 -1972 Rawalpindi

A later descendant of Delhi’s poetry tradition, known for his play 'Krishna Avataar'

1884 -1936