Aslam Kolsarii's Photo'

Aslam Kolsarii

1946 - 2016 | Lahore, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Aslam'

Real Name : Aslam kolsari

Born : 01 Aug 1946 | Okara, Pakistan

Died : 07 Nov 2016

Noted poet Aslam Kolsari was born on 1st Aug 1946 in Jammar, Okara, Pakistan. He started his career as a laboratory supervisor and later moved to Lahore where he worked for a newspaper ‘Mashriq’. Aslam also served the Urdu Science Board as research officer and rose to the position of deputy director. He has authored various poetry collection including Kaash, Neend, Barsat, Veeran, Jeewan, Kaif, Panchi etc. ‘Khandar Mein Chirag’, ‘Zakhmi Gulab’, ‘Anokhey Shikari’ and ‘Chand Ke Uss Paar’ are some of his popular stories written for the children. Kulsari died on 7th Nov 2016 in Lahore.