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Bashir Mehtaab

1994 | Jammu and Kashmir, India

Profile of Bashir Mehtaab

Real Name : Bashir Mehtaab

Born : 15 Mar 1994 | Ramban, Jammu and Kashmir

Bashir Mehtaab, born 15 March 1994 in the Ramban town of Jammu and Kashmir, is an Urdu poet. Mehtaab completed his school education from Govt Higher Secondary School Ramban in 2010. He started writing Urdu poems and columns at an early age. His Urdu poems and columns have been published in many local Urdu dailies. He is a notable member of the 'Bazm-e-Adab Ramban, which is a cultural and literary non-governmental organization works for the promotion and preservation of Urdu language and literature in Chenab valley. Mehtaab posts his poems on his personal blog. Mehtaab’s poems are also featured on many famous Urdu websites, such as , , , etc.

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