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1967 | USA

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Real Name : Rubina Nazli goindi

Born : 03 Jul 1967 | Sargodha, Punjab

Bina Goindi is a poetess, she was born in Pakistan. She did her master in Botany, Urdu and Philosophy. She had been a research scholar and worked as education advisor in USA. She has about 60 science books in her credit, either written, or edited, including Famous Muslim Scientists, Agri Encyclopedia and World of the Plants. She also authored some literary books like Soohte Ankhain, Joo Tum Na Dekha, Safar Nama Japan, Etney Dinnon Ka Baad, and Travelogue of the USA.

She wrote columns, articles and sorties in the leading newspapers of Pakistan. She is a member of various social and literary organizations of the world. She attended many conferences as a Key Note Speaker at national and international level, a few worth-quoting are Hundred Years of Urdu Turkey 2015, SAARC Conference in India 2012 and South Asian Women Conference Delhi 2013. She attended International Mushairas in Dubai, Canada, USA, Kuwait, India, Qatar etc. She is a recipient of The Best Poet of 2016 given by Christians Association, USA, The Best Poet of South Asia given by Chulistan Academy Washington DC, The Best Writer of Children Science Books given by Japan 1993 and many other awards from Pakistan Academy of Letters, Public and Private Sector.

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