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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

Farhat Ehsas's Photo'

Farhat Ehsas

1952 | Delhi, India

One of the most prominent faces of post-modern Urdu poetry

One of the most prominent faces of post-modern Urdu poetry

Profile of Farhat Ehsas

Real Name : Farhatullah Khan

Born : 25 Dec 1952 | Bahraich, Uttar pradesh

Relatives : Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi (Institution), Mohammad Naeemullah Khayali (Relation)

LCCN :no2002055892

sab ke jaisī na banā zulf ki ham sāda-nigāh

tere dhoke meñ kisī aur ke shāne lag jaa.eñ

sab ke jaisi na bana zulf ki hum sada-nigah

tere dhoke mein kisi aur ke shane lag jaen

Farhat Ehsas is one of the utmost contemporary post-modern Urdu shayars in India. Though a specialist in traditional Persian and Urdu poetic tradition, over a period of time he has mastered a poetic idiom which while drawing freely from the classical aesthetics is able to express the pangs, sorrows and miseries and also blisses of the common man living amidst the devastations created by the governmental excesses, financial corruption and societal anarchy, and ethical and psychic void. He has been an editor for the literary magazine of the most prestigious Urdu daily in north India, the Qaumi Aawaz, New Delhi, for quite a few years. Moreover, for over 15 years he has been contributing commentaries on current affairs to All India Radio and also the Urdu Service of BBC. He has been associated with two internationally reputed research journals in English and Urdu published by the Zakir Hussain Institute of Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. At present, he is associated with, the website for Urdu sher-o-shayari and Literature. He has also earned reputation as a script writer for several documentaries and TV serials. He was a script-writer for Bazm-e-Sukhan, a poetry based programme and fiction series Ek Nazar Kee Tamanna for the UTN, Zee TV. He has also written dialogues for a feature film Wanted No 1 in addition to writing scripts of several serials for All India Radio.

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