INDEX OF Journalist

Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

Pakistani poet, author and journalist; authored two important books on Amir Khusrau and Urdu Marsiya

Afqar Mohani

1887 -1971

A poet of classical tradition, drew closely upon mystical poetry

Poet and journalist, remained associated with daily 'Jasaarat' and 'Jung'

Prominent fiction writer, satarist and poet

Journalist, Poet, Storyteller & Editor of 'Filmi Sitare'. Who played several roles in Urdu Plays including Khwaja Ahmad Abbas movie ‘Pardesi’

Prominent Pakistani critic, researcher and columnist; an author of many books apart from 'Urdu Adab ki Tehreekein' and 'Urdu Afsaane Mein Dehaat ki Peshkash'; also assisted in editing several literary journals and newspapers

Journalist and poet, known for his humour and satire

A poet and Journalist. Famous especially for his humorous columns.

Prominent scholar of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit

One of the romantic poets; also published a collection of romantic poems called Roomaniyaat

One of the most celebrated and popular poets. Faced political repression for his revolutionary views.

Prominent poet and journalist who has also been associated with television channel.

Prominent modern critic from Mumbai

Famous for his literary magazine 'Tahreek'.

Freedom fighter, member of constituent assembly which drafted Indian Constitution. He gave the slogan "Inquilab Zindabad" during freedom movement. He was a devotee of Shri Krishna. He wrote the famous ghazal "chupke chupke raat din".

Prominent journalist, known for his unique expression among post modern poets

FormeOne of the most prominent journalists in Pakistan

Prominent among first generation of modernist poets, very close to Miraji

Noted journalist, novelist and poet

One of the prominent leaders of indian freedom movement.

One of prominent modern poets. Disciple of Yas Yagana Changezi

With BBC urdu service fame, obaid is presently Director, MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.

Distinguished writer, poet and journalist. Earned a remarkable repute as the Editor of the popular Urdu magazine Aajkal.